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We started out in Portland, Maine ... really Bangor, Maine - but let's not go that far back! In those days we called the internet the Super Highway and floppy disks were NOT a thing of the past - at least not yet. In 1996, right out of college and with a group of bright, young entrepreneurs David started a "multimedia" company called LightBox Design. We were babies, but to be honest, once we took that first bite from the "entrepreneur" apple it was hard to conceive of life any other way. 

Since then, David and I have owned multiple businesses and - we will admit - some were more fantastic than others. Each of them taught us a lesson or two about life, love, passion, and finance. All of them offered us applied experiences in business. Opportunities we would never have had if we followed tradition. And, as in golf, when you're shooting over the trees you never can tell where the ball is gonna lie.

That said, when businesses approach us to assist them with their logo, their sign, or their website we always start with them. No proposals, agreements, or contracts are signed until we've had a chance to have a preliminary conversation to learn about you, your business, where you're at, and where you want to go. This is the foundation of your business' success and the bedrock from which we operate. To that end, it's all about whether or not we were able to help you find joy in your brand, exude confidence in your vision, and convert leads to sales. Few of us start a business just because. But all of us start one for a reason.

To learn more about Rebecca and David read below. And if that's not enough, give us a call. We're always up for a good chat. 

Psst! Little secret. Bill Gates lives here!

RE | Rebecca Lefebvre

Favorite Meal: Spaghetti & Meatballs
Favorite Football Team: Not a One
Favorite Place: The Beach
Favorite Word: Kerfuffle

Always journeying and never really settled, this little soul can't fathom life without change and growth. Rebecca is a wanderer, a wonderer, and an artist at heart. To be honest, no endeavor is insurmountable and all bets are off if someone says, "It can't be done!" Rebecca will say, "Poppycock! Let's make it happen." She's forever in favor of out-of-the-box thinking and believes (with every fiber of her being) that creating only depends on the passion of the heart and the imagination of the mind! 

artist • doer • dreamer • risk-taker



DA | David Tartaglia

Favorite Meal: French Toast
Favorite Football Team: Detroit Lions
Favorite Place: The Beach
Favorite Word: Rats! (a la Charlie Brown)

Born in Michigan, raised in Connecticut David is a true creative. He has a vivid imagination and unquenchable passion for stories. If there's anything he loves more than his work (or telling tall-tales) it's his kids, his wife, and his family. Besides being a kick-ass designer, he's a fantastic problem solver and loves helping our clients find the best solution to meet their needs. No "one-size fits all" approach here! It's all about getting to know you and where you want to go! 

strategist • problem solver • designer


graphic design • marketing solutions • business development