Coaching for Patient Advocates


Coaching for Patient Advocates


• Designed for the entrepreneur looking for a little bit of coaching to get them started or help them grow. 

Hello Patient Advocates! Welcome. I'm so glad you are here! There's no time like today to become an independent patient advocate. The rapid changes happening in the health care industry often supercede the complex needs of it's patients and families. 

Achieving success as an independent patient advocate requires:

  1. Knowing your community's healthcare marketplace
  2. Understanding it's needs and how you fit within it
  3. How to connect and deliver to achieve continued referrals


Coaching is about moving towards your goals and dreams. It is about creating the life and business you want and deserve. 

Our relationship is a supportive partnership. That is key. I am here to support and encourage you to create a plan and remove roadblocks to achieve success. Together, we will focus on:

  1. Where you want to go
  2. What challenges you face
  3. How to create your future


Your coach will be Rebecca. Besides being a partner in RedaCreative she is a RN and a Certified Case Manager. She has owned a successful independent Care Coordination company since 2011. Besides being able to offer coaching she brings real-life front-line experience and graphic design/marketing support to assist you in your "first swim" within this growing profession or help you take it to another level. 

Rebecca has been working with small businesses since 1999. She and her husband own Reda Creative, a design and marketing company dedicated to the support and mentorship of entrepreneurs. She is also a RN and Certified Case Manager working as an Independent Patient Advocate since 2011. She has presented at conferences nationally, including The Professional Patient and has conducted numerous workshops and seminars on how to "Find your Voice", Managing Conflict, Expect Success, and How to Grow Your Independent Patient Advocate or Case Management Business.  

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