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It has been over 20 years since we opened our first creative agency. So much has changed since then. One constant is our never-ending desire to create! It's what we do! 

Be it a brand, print materials, photography, video, presentations, in-store marketing, a website or a social media presence we will help you strategize, create and implement. We believe great design should be simple yet stated. And, an exceptional brand should exude vision and confidence. 

At Reda Creative our services include creative direction, graphic design, website development, video, photography and social media marketing and advertising.

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Rebecca Lefebvre
Partner  |  Graphic Design • Illustration
303  775  9768

Favorite Meal:  Spaghetti & Meatballs
Favorite Drink:  Gin and Tonic
Favorite Place:  The Beach
Favorite Word:  Kerfuffle

Always journeying and never really settled, this old soul can't fathom life without change and growth. Rebecca is a wanderer, a wonderer – an artist at heart. No endeavor is insurmountable and all bets are off if someone tells her, "It can't be done!" She's forever in favor of out-of-the-box thinking and believes (with every fiber of her being) that creating only depends on the passion of the heart and the imagination of the mind! Because life is to short and there is always time for more, visit Rebecca's other business:

David Tartaglia
Partner  |  Graphic Design • UI/UX
303  775  4038

Favorite Meal:  French Toast
Favorite Drink:  Dark and Stormy
Favorite Place:  The Beach
Favorite Word:  Rats! (à la Charlie Brown)

Born in Michigan, raised in Connecticut David is a true creative. He has a vivid imagination and unquenchable passion for stories. If there's anything he loves more than his work - it is being a father. Besides being a fantastic designer, he is a consummate problem solver and loves helping our clients find the best solution to meet their needs. No "one-size fits all" approach here! It's all about getting to know you and where you want to go!