The vast majority of individuals and small to mid-sized companies that contact us are looking for a simple and affordable website they can manage and update independently. For that reason, we specialize in website design and development using Squarespace. That said, when this platform doesn't serve the need, we also design and develop sites using Shopify for e-commerce and Wordpress for sites that require more features and customization.

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Jen Herling Art | Artist
Brand • Website Design

When Jen Herling approached us to design her site, she did not have a brand, color palette or logo. Despite a limited budget and a fast-approaching art show opening, we were able to get Jen's website up and running (with a full portfolio, email capture, and contact form) within two weeks. Included in our price estimate was a one-hour training session to teach her about Squarespace site design. She has since been able to update and manage her site independently.


Dae Gee | Korean BBQ Restaurant
Brand • Print • Photography • Website Design

Dae Gee opened their third location in the Denver metro area in 2016. Prior to this open, we were contracted to assist with their re-branding efforts; specifically to provide aesthetic consistency from location to location, evaluate and grow their social media following vis-à-vis focus and a calendar, create an in-store marketing strategy (menus, table tops, and counter point of sale), and re-design their website laying the foundation for future business growth, online catering and e-commerce.


Inspiration Art Academy | Art Studio
Brand • Website Design

Shortly after opening Inspiration Art Academy in Longmont, Colorado, Cynthia Barnes realized she needed a website to effectively communicate the classes she was offering and a seamless online registration and payment process. Given her budget and desire to independently update her site, Squarespace was chosen as her website platform. We were able to complete a brand and website within three weeks while staying within budget and providing a two-hour training session on Squarespace site management.


Confluence | Small Business Co-Working Facility
Brand • Print • Website Design

Positioned perfectly in the Boulder County area, Confluence offers independent contractors and work-at-home technologists an ideal work environment that reduces isolation through learning and networking opportunities. When Confluence approached us during their first major growth phase, their primary request was to assist them with analyzing their business opportunities and subsequent strategies. Over the years we have assisted with brand development, print, and website design.


Spicy Pickle | Sandwich and Panini Shop
Brand • Print • Photography • Website Design

Spicy Pickle is an international sandwich and panini concept that has been in business for over a decade. With new management on-board, they approached us to assist with stabilizing their brand while they re-evaluated their line-up, store locations, and business focus. As part of their immediate communication strategy, bringing a new site online was critical. Their goals included: improving their customer's online experience, growing their email list and creating a simple, online ordering process for catering.